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Join Jacek Schae and explore an unusually expressive programming language with Lisp roots.

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S4 E16 Pathom with Wilker Lúcio (Part 2)

S4 E15 Pathom with Wilker Lúcio (Part 1)

S4 E14 Keechma with Mihael Konjević

S4 E13 - Luminus with Dmitri Sotnikov (Part 2)

S4 E12 - Luminus with Dmitri Sotnikov (Part 1)

S4 E11 - Pedestal with Daniel De Aguiar

S4 E10 - Fulcro with Tony Kay (Part 5)

S4 E9 - Fulcro with Tony Kay (Part 4)

S4 E8 - Fulcro with Tony Kay (Part 3)

S4 E7 - Fulcro with Tony Kay (Part 2)

S4 E6 - Fulcro with Tony Kay (Part 1)

S4 E5 - Helix with Will Acton

S4 E4 - Rum With Nikita Prokopov

S4 E3 - re-frame with Mike Thompson

S4 E2 - Reagent with Juho Teperi

S4 E1 - Web Development with Malcolm Sparks

S3 E5 - Babashka with Michiel Borkent

S3 E4 - tools.deps with Alex Miller

S3 E3 - shadow-cljs with Thomas Heller

S3 E2 - Boot with Matthew Ratzke

S3 E1 - Lein with Phil Hagelberg

S2 E10 - clj-kondo with Michiel Borkent

S2 E9 - Joker with Roman Bataev

S2 E8 - Vim setup with Dominic Monroe

S2 E7 - Cursive setup with Colin Fleming

S2 E6 - Atom setup with Mauricio Szabo

S2 E5 - VSCode setup with Peter Strömberg

S2 E4 - Spacemacs setup with John Stevenson

S2 E3 - REBL with Sean Corfield

S2 E2 - REPL with Stuart Halloway

S2 E1 - Lisp editing with Shaun Lebron

S1 E8 - FP In JS Is an Antipattern with Alex Dixon

S1 E7 - npm interop with Thomas Heller - Patreon

S1 E6 - Google Closure Compiler with Bradford Smith

S1 E5 - ClojureScript Compiler with Mike Fikes

S1 E4 - State with Russ Olsen author of Getting Clojure

S1 E3 - Code with Russ Olsen author of Getting Clojure

S1 E2 - Data with Russ Olsen author of Getting Clojure

S1 E1 - Why ClojureScript with David Nolen


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